Among Us collects the following data if the player allows it:

  • Game version
  • A random game ID per game
  • If you are the host or not
  • If you are an impostor or not
  • How many players are playing
  • Character location
  • Murder locations
  • Console use locations
  • Crewmate task updates
  • Voting phase durations and outcomes
  • Player disconnect events
  • Game end conditions (did humans win or not)

This data is submitted when the game ends (when humans or impostors win) or when a 1MB threshold is reached. Among Us collects approximately .0175MB per minute of gameplay (less during discussions).

This data is stored unencrypted in a SQL database. It will be used used primarily for game balance purposes such as heatmapping, however we maybe use specific games for promotional purposes such as replays ("Hey, look at this really interesting game!").

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