We make the games we want.

We’re a small indie studio mainly based out of out of Washington, USA. Created in 2015, we worked part time on several unreleased games (we do not talk about “Poop Week”) until finally going full-time indie in late 2018 for Among Us. Other games we’ve worked on include Dig2China and The Henry Stickmin Collection.

What we

  • Have Fun

    We strive to make games and products that our community will have fun with, and that we can enjoy making. By being proud of the quality of work we put out, we can continually create positive and welcoming experiences for new and old players alike.

  • Respect

    We respect our employees and players, with a zero-tolerance policy for harassment, discrimination, and cyberviolence.

  • Share the Elevator

    We want to help others rise up and shape a better future for the industry. Success is built on collective energy, respect, and contributions from not only our team, but our partners. The aim isn’t to always work with the “biggest”, but how we can support those that are doing quality, ethical work.

  • Integrity

    Success is built from the actions we take, rather than lip service. We focus on quality, we make the games we want, and we try to do our best for the community.

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Meet the team

  • Forest W.

    Hello, I’m your friendly neighborhood recluse/programmer! I also handle the business end of things at Innersloth.

    When I’m not programming (basically always), I really enjoy bouldering.

    I don’t post much on the internet, but I’m always open to questions about what we’re doing and how it’s done.

  • Marcus B.

    Hello! I’m an artist, animator and game designer here at Innersloth.

    You might know me as Puffballs United, the creator of Henry Stickmin Series! I worked on Among Us and recently finished the Henry Stickmin Collection. I also worked on Dig2China, and misc cancelled games ;)

    I’ve been wanting to make games since I was 8. Technology grew to the point that it was actually possible for me and not just a dream.

    I play a lot of games on the side.

  • Amy L.

    Heyo there! I’m the other artist here at Innersloth. Also general task-doer for whatever else needs done!

    I worked on Among Us, and am currently working on developing merchandise and future Innersloth games!

    In my free time I enjoy photography, more drawing, taking naps, and hanging out with friends.

  • Victoria T.

    Hey! I’m the Community Director at Innersloth and I make chaotic shenanigans happen.

    I’ve worked on games like Boyfriend Dungeon, Dwarf Fortress, Pupperazzi, and more! I love creating kinder, more sustainable community spaces. I also co-organize Game & Colour, a group that supports and amplifies game devs of colour.

    Otherwise I do industry talks, write articles, drink bubble tea, and have a severe lack of interesting facts about myself.

  • Adriel W.

    Hiya, I’m lead Unity programmer at Innersloth!

    Before joining Innersloth, I was a programmer on the upcoming game We Are OFK, and worked on a number of other yet-to-be announced indie games. Outside of professional game development, I’ve participated in a ton of game jams, and once even spent an entire year making a new game every week. In addition to all of this, I also run Train Jam – an annual game jam that takes place on a train!

    In my spare time, I like to pet my dog, Jellybean, and my two cats, Phoenix and Mizu.

  • Gary P.

    Hello! I’m one of the Unity Programmers here at Innersloth.

    I’ve been developing games since 2012 and released my first commercial game, Super Daryl Deluxe, in 2018 to a raving horde of a dozen or so fans. When I’m not sleeping I play a lot of games, lift a lot of weights, and take a lot of naps. Send coffee thx.

  • Torin F.

    Heya, I’m a backend programmer at Innersloth!

    As a child, I always dreamt of programming video games and after spending a decade teaching myself skills and languages, that dream has come true!

    In my free time, I love spending time with friends, collecting plushies, and taking care of my bunny named Cuddles!

  • Nathan B.

    Hey! I’m a strategist/designer at Innersloth.

    I started in the games industry at PlayStation working as a UX researcher on games such as Bloodborne, Horizon Zero Dawn, and Spiderman. Most recently I worked at Riot Games as a strategic advisor, working on League of Legends as well as prototype R&D games.

    When I’m not working on games, I’m either playing variety games with friends or streaming games on Twitch!

  • Shahrin K.

    Hello, I’m a Unity programmer at Innersloth.

    Before Innersloth, I used to work at a mobile games studio and made my own math game on the side called Arithmagic. In my spare time I like to take walks, sit in parks, and various other things. Sometimes I play games. I also help out here and there on the upcoming indie game Venba.

  • Hannako L.

    Hello, this is Hannako and I’m an artist at Innersloth!

    I made a lot of merch at Dual Wield Studio and now I make a lot of merch here. I also draw a funny picture for the people. I draw comics when I can and got nominated once. I love pins and fighting wildlife in my yard.

  • Jake C.

    Jake is a traditionally trained animator from Canada.

    He grew up in the forests of BC where he cultivated a love for both games and nature. He has worked on several animated TV shows, as well as the indie game Cuphead.

  • Krys L.

    Howdy! I’m Player Support at Innersloth!

    Once a desk jockey for another industry entirely, I’m now a support aficionado and a freelance localization editor in games.

    When I’m not stomping around The Skeld, I’m having full conversations with my cats, cooking, and playing like 5000 hours of a certain critically acclaimed MMO.

  • Mik M.

    Hello, I am a Senior Backend Programmer at Innersloth!

    After completing my training as a chemist, I joined the games industry as a network engineer. Since, I’ve worked on multiplayer games and virtual music experiences. On the side, I develop indie games focused on STEM edutainment.

    Outside of games, I am a street dancer known as Dr. Robotmik, specializing in robot and animation dance. I also break. I love to travel, learn languages, and eat delicious food.

  • Kristi A.

    Ayooo! I’m the Producer at Innersloth.

    Armed with a degree in Veterinary Medicine, I promptly decided to disappoint my parents by joining the game industry. A few previous titles I’ve worked on include Atomicrops, Bad North, Kingdom Two Crowns, and Star Renegades.

    When I’m not pretending to be an extrovert online, you can find me making spreadsheets for the game I’m currently playing or laying on the floor like a weirdo.

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