Among Us Animated

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A show about
teamwork and betrayal.

Members of your crew have been replaced by an alien shapeshifter intent on causing confusion, sabotaging the ship, and killing everyone. Root out the Impostor or fall victim to its murderous designs.

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See the world of the global hit social deduction game in a new way. Coming soon.

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Meet the Crew

  • Red – Captain of The Skeld

    A people-pleaser and blowhard
    Task: Leadership, confidence
    Fun Fact: Failed upwards

  • Purple – Chief of Security

    Safety, suspicion, sarcasm
    Task: Wet blanket
    Fun Fact: Trust issues

  • Blue – Doctor

    Knowledgeable, charming, so hot
    Task: physical and emotional care
    Fun Fact: also has a doctorate in poetry

  • Green – Unpaid Intern

    Happy to be there
    Task: whatever they’re told
    Fun Fact: gets paid in pizza

  • White – Contest Winner

    No trauma, no drama
    Task: Someone else will get to it
    Fun Fact: wealth can be a personality trait

  • Cyan – Gemologist

    Healing through crystals
    Task: supervising the vibes
    Fun Fact: the vibes are bad

  • Black – Geologist

    Stoic, coarse, rock-like
    Task: supervising the ore shipments
    Fun Fact: prefers rocks to people

  • Lime – Engineer

    Doomsday prepper, conspiracy theorist
    Task: Getting stuff pretty much mostly fixed-ish
    Fun Fact: Afraid of intimacy

  • Yellow – Ship Cook #1

    Indignant, opinionated, prankster
    Task: pizza
    Fun Fact: Best friends with Brown

  • Brown – Ship Cook #2

    Chill, supportive, accountable
    Task: also pizza
    Fun Fact: Best friends with Yellow

  • Orange – HR

    Spineless corporate shill
    Task: eliminate redundancy, redundantly
    Fun Fact: fires you over email

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