We fund game.

At Innersloth, we make whatever we want. Whether it was a choose-your-own-path Flash game, murderous spacebeans, or poop week (don’t ask), we explored our silliest, weirdest ideas.

We are incredibly lucky with the success of The Henry Stickmin Collection and Among Us. (Dig2China was uh, there.) Our players, friends, and family made it happen, allowing us to be truly independent. No investors, no publishers, no acquisitions.

Sharing our success and supporting indie games is incredibly important to us. That’s why we created our indie game fund Outersloth!

Basically: We want to fund your game. We don’t want to publish your game. We don’t want your IP. We just want to see fun, original, and clever games get made. And we want to make that as friendly as possible. Find out how to submit below or follow us.


  • Funding

    We give you money. You take the money. We do a slow nod at each other, never breaking eye contact. Eventually we awkwardly end the video call. You do stuff with it. Profit.

    Edit: Our lawyers said we have to sign papers too.

  • Advice

    Bounce ideas off of us or get advice from our team! We can also make introductions to partners who may be helpful to you. Note we’re not a full service publisher.

  • Freedom

    We don’t take any credit, authority, or claims over your game, IP, or company. Do your own thing! Live! Laugh! Love!

  • Friendly Faces

    People who say they’re nice are never nice but I think we’re okay and there’s no real way to say that without sounding weird sorry.


Where’s all the money gone?

Sam D’Elia

Bribe me cowards!!!

Victoria Tran

Enjoy your yacht, suckers.

Forest Willard

Projects Funded

An open world physics simulation game where you deliver a wide variety of awkwardly shaped cargo between remote outposts using your own mechanical creations.


Buy Now
It’s in the name. You have one button. There are big bosses to beat. Push, tap, and bash to beat them. Upgrade your ship, change your playstyle, and do it all over again!


Play the Demo
Lead a plucky crew to turn the tide against a star-consuming threat. Recruit ace pilots, upgrade their mecha Battle Suits, and captain your own epic tale in this card-battling RPG.


Wishlist on Steam
Platform the world in a mech, cook up tasty dishes for local communities and help them with their problems. It’s an exploration of life, death, love, and food for the soul.


Wishlist on Steam
A roguelike spacefighter for the new age. Journey across the stars, taking down merciless armadas and colossal behemoths while blasting your way through fully destructible environments. Master your piloting prowess and soar through a cosmos inspired by Arabesque Futurism.


Wishlist on Steam
A game about building and exploring connections.


They pitched such an unhinged and unsettling story it made an entire room erupt and somehow that ended up with them getting funding. Anyways project to be announced soon.


Played their first game Venba. Cried. Haven’t stopped crying. Gave them money to help us stop crying. Not sure if it’s working. Very dehydrated. Next project to be announced soon.

Visai Games

A studio founded by one of the creators of Celeste and the developer behind the game engine ‘Murder’. I’m sure with that context and a studio name like this, you can definitely expect a very happy, totally cheerful game. Surely nothing dark. Everything is fine. (Help me.)

Coldblood Inc.



Outersloth is for indie developers looking for funds to get their game off the ground or some extra money to finish it. This is a recoup and revshare model, and we’ve consulted with others to ensure it’s at a competitive rate that keeps your sustainability in mind. As this is run primarily by Forest Willard (CEO) and Victoria Tran (Comms Director) at Innersloth, our small team size will mean slower response times!

This fund is very hands-off. If you’re looking for full service publishing (help with marketing, localization, etc.), we might not be for you!

Here’s a guide on what we want to see when you submit to us.

Must have a pitchdeck with:

  • Budget (we’ll most likely fund things between $50k-$2m, but feel free to shoot your shot)
  • Production schedule
  • Developer/studio name
  • Game name
  • OPTIONAL: Build/demo

    Also nice:

    • Social media pages
    • Samples of other work
    • Other supplemental items that’d help your pitch e.g. market research, press kit, trailers, gameplay videos
    • Any other information you’d like us to know

    We are mostly looking for:

    • Premium PC, console, or mobile projects
    • Games that are not yet released (i.e. in Early Access)
    • Games you’re passionate about – there’s no set genre we’re looking for
    • Do not pitch us blockchain/web3/AI-generated games

    We love supporting indies but we are small! It will take us a long time to get back to you.

    It’s time!

    Use the form below to pitch your game. Do NOT send it via email or else it’ll be sent to the shadow realm (deleted).


    Specials thanks to Callum Underwood and Gwen Foster for helping us start Outersloth!

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