Many thanks to our Among Us VR beta Beans and fun dev team stats


Hi Crewmates!

We’re excited to come at you with the latest and greatest deets on our public beta tests for Among Us VR (AUVR) — only two days till launch (!). 👀👀👀

Running the tests was a crucial part of the game’s innovative development. From testing large-scale server use and connection stability to gameplay balancing and even a few bugs that might’ve been missed, we were able to gain invaluable feedback to help ensure our game is as fun and seamless as we intended it to be.

We so appreciate our beta Beans and thank you so much for all your patience and dedication as we trail-blazed the world of mass-multiplayer VR beta testing. 

It’s been an adVENTure 🫠

BEAN BONUS ✨✨✨: Don’t forget to check out Schell Games’ “Dinner w/ the Devs: Among Us VR Edition” going live on November 9, 2022, at 6pm ET for more cool dev team action.

More fun Among Us VR dev team stats

Game Balance – Who wins?

Even though the game felt nice and balanced when playtested internally, it wasn’t until our first public test when we had data showing the Crewmates win twice as often as Impostors. 

One of our main development goals was to deliver a streamlined, easier way to get into, and enjoy a game of AU in VR, which is why it was important to tune the default settings ✨ just right ✨

After some adjustments, we saw the win breakdown land on 57% Crewmates to 43% Impostors, which held consistently throughout the remaining beta tests.

This is a ratio we are happy to launch with and keep an eye on. As players get better at the game, will the skill difference benefit Impostors more, resulting in a shift in their favor? What do you think? 👀

Game Balance – How do teams win? 🏆

We were happy to see analytics show that about three out of four games won by Crewmates are thanks to Impostors being ejected from the ship, and three out of four won by Impostors are due to murdering all Crewmates. 

While those ways of winning promote more player interaction and proper “social deduction,” it’s important that the alternative ways of securing victory remain as viable options.

Cosmetics Preference – Hats

Across all four beta tests, we’ve seen a fair amount of consistency when it comes to hat preferences. 

“Umm, actually, the fedora is clearly in S Tier.” You’re right, Bean. You’re right. There were some obvious favorites — but, we’re excited to add even more hats to see how the popularity tier list changes! 

When can you expect more hats? In just a few days! 🎉🎉🎉

Cosmetics Preference – Colors

There may not be a ton of important information to extract from players’ color preferences, (especially since once your fav one is taken, you must pick another), but it’s still fun to see!

Interesting tidbit — we noticed that many of the “most played colors” happen to correlate closely with how the game assigns colors by default. Meaning, there may be a suspicious number of Beans who aren’t changing their wardrobe or colors. 😒 Or Red really is just super popular.

Who knows? Just for fun, check out this comparison stat on Bean color popularity from the original Among Us game! 👀

Player Lifespan

Six minutes to live may sound like a lot, but it doesn’t mean some some unlucky Crewmates won’t get murdered much, much sooner… ☠☠☠

Meetings, Body Reports and Ejections

These grim statistics serve as a reminder that looking for dead bodies (yes, even in electrical… 😱) and reporting them is very important!

Player Preferences

We implemented many different control schemes and preferences to make sure players can find what’s comfortable for them. 

While we made educated guesses about what the “most popular” settings would be, and that’s how we set the game’s defaults, we were surprised to see beta testers were almost evenly split across quite a few comfort preferences.

❗ Remember to adjust, and experiment with the player settings to find what works best for you! ❗

What lies ahead

As proud as we are of the game that’s about to be released into the wild (in 2 days!), we are also moving full-steam ahead, working on new content, and fixing a few bugs that Impostors snuck in right at the finish line. 

✨Thank you again for your ongoing support.✨ We couldn’t be more excited to continue improving upon, and adding new updates to Among Us VR.

See ya soon!

Schell Games

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