Account Linking on Among Us

Account Linking on Among Us

This guide will help you merge your Among Us accounts into one! If you play Among Us on PC, Android, iOS, or Xbox, linking will allow you to have all of your cosmetics, beans, stars, and experience all in one place! Nintendo Switch account linking is currently being worked on, PlayStation will not be able to link accounts. 

To link your accounts, navigate to 

On this page, select the account you use the most. You will be asked to sign-in via that platform.  

Once signed in you should see a page like the one below.  

From this page you can see which accounts are already merged with your primary account at the top of the screen. 

The accounts you can link are listed below with the green “Link” button. Select the one you wish to link and you will be routed to the sign-in page for that platform. 

When linking, a confirmation screen will appear and show which accounts are being merged into one another. Once you agree, the merge is complete! 

After successfully linking your accounts, it should look something like the screenshot below. 

Kids Accounts 

If you are a parent/guardian and want to merge a child’s account, here’s what you need to know: 

  • Any linking of a child’s account into a full account will cause both accounts to inherit the child’s account permissions. Do not link the two unless you are okay with this. 
  • Linking two child’s accounts will make it so that the child account with the most permissions will apply to both accounts.  

For more information or help when it comes to your kid’s accounts, please visit


Having trouble? Read below! 

If you are getting: 

This means you already have two separate sets (i.e. a set being two or more merged accounts) of merged accounts. You have to link accounts individually to your primary account, and cannot have two different sets of accounts linked together. 


To merge all of these accounts together, you would need to split keyring B into individual accounts. Unlink everything in your second set to do this, and then link them with your primary account. 


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