Voice Cast for the Among Us Animated Series: Round 3

Voice Cast for the Among Us Animated Series: Round 3

LET’S! GET! VOICE-YYYYY! (This is what they say in show biz, I’m sure.)

Hard to imagine we’ve already revealed so many talented cast for our upcoming animated series, and we CBS Studios and Innersloth today announced that Patton Oswalt (We All Scream), Debra Wilson (MADtv), Phil LaMarr (MADtv) and Wayne Knight (Seinfeld) have been cast to voice characters in AMONG US, the series production based on the wildly popular social deception game. 

You can check out the previous announcements here: Round 1, Round 2.

Debra Wilson as ‘Yellow’ – Ship Cook #1

  • Indignant, opinionated, prankster
  • Task: pizza
  • Fun Fact: Best friends with Brown

Patton Oswalt as ‘White’ – Contest Winner

  • No trauma, no drama
  • Task: Someone else will get to it.
  • Fun Fact: wealth can be a personality trait

Phil Lamar as ‘Brown’ – Ship Cook #2

  • Chill, supportive, accountable
  • Task: also pizza
  • Fun Fact: Best friends with Yellow

Wayne Knight as ‘Lime’ – Engineer

  • Doomsday prepper, conspiracy theorist
  • Task: Getting stuff pretty much mostly fixed-ish
  • Fun Fact: Afraid of intimacy

Don’t worry, this isn’t the last you’ll hear from us about the animated show. We have much more planned to talk about for this year.

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