🗺️ Mapping the Road Ahead for Among Us VR in 2024

🗺️ Mapping the Road Ahead for Among Us VR in 2024

It’s the most wonderful time of the year — Roadmap Time! ✨

We’re about to head out for our end of the year holiday break. But before we do, we wanted to leave you with a sneak peek at our plans for the upcoming year. Naturally, we can’t share everything we have in store… but we hope this early glance will bring the hype.

We’re incredibly excited to see the roster of Crewmates increase with our brand-new crossplay communities with the recent addition of PICO and PlayStation VR2 players! That means even more beans to connect with — and using the new 👓 Spectator Mode 👓 to find that perfect lobby makes it an even better experience!

Speaking of improved experiences, we’ve been actively working on some updates to ✌️ Quick Chat ✌️ that will be arriving to the game in the near future. A 🚧 New Role 🚧 will also be venting into the scene very soon. But, most importantly, we’re excited to announce 🎉 In-Game Events 🎉. We’ll have even more details to share in the coming months, so please be excited for it!

Our longer-term goals for the new year include some highly-requested features — yes, we know you want Cams in the Skeld II; we’re working on it! — and also some unexpected surprises! 🍳

Have questions that you want to ask our Dev Team about this roadmap? 🗺️ Well… we certainly can’t answer everything — deduction is the name of the game, after all! — but, we just might answer your question if you join us on our official Discord for our final AMA of the year!

Otherwise, we encourage you to continue utilizing our Official Support Form to share any bug reports or feedback directly with our team. We love to hear what’s important to you for the future of Among Us VR, so let us know.

Stay suspicious, beans! ✨

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