💡 It’s LIGHTS OUT for Among Us VR!

💡 It’s LIGHTS OUT for Among Us VR!

Listen up, Beans! We’ve got some news, and can’t keep you in the dark any longer…

Our very first Limited Time Event in Among Us VR starts NOW!

🤔 What is a Limited Time Event?

We’re excited to announce our newest take on game updates: Limited Time Events

During these events, players will be able to hop into brand new gameplay experiences, ranging from new tasks and roles to game modes that change the rules of a match! Each event will revolve around a special “theme” — so we hope you’ll enjoy dressing up your beans to coordinate.

These themed events will only be available for, you guessed it, a limited time. You’ll only have a few weeks to experience the themed chaos and shenanigans — so, don’t miss it!

💡What is new in the “Lights Out” Event?

Prepare for an epic battle of 💡 light and darkness 🕶️! Our first event will introduce two new major changes to the Among Us VR experience — Lights Out Mode and Engineers!

In Lights Out Mode, players will face off in a dynamic tug-of-war event. The Crewmates have all become Engineers and can utilize their expertise in vent navigation to quickly get around the entire map and finish tasks — before the Impostor(s) wipe them out and it’s lights out for good! All the while, the lights and the Engineers’ vision will adjust depending on the current state of the match! 💡

Just like in the original Among Us, 🛠️ Engineers 🛠️ are Crewmates with the special ability to use vents — just like an Impostor! This role will not only be the primary focus of Lights Out Mode, but will be available within the Custom Lobby Settings to add into the mix for standard matches as well.

🥽 I love this! How can I show off my love for the “Lights Out” Event?

Additionally, we’re excited to introduce the first fully-animated hat — 🥽 Overscoped 🥽 — to commemorate this Limited Time Event! Available as an additional purchase, the Overscoped hat serves ⚡ big engineer energy ⚡ to your bean with its oscillating scope and steampunk goggle aesthetic. But, take note! The Overscoped hat will only be around for the duration of the “Lights Out” event — so act fast! ⌚

The fun begins ✨ TODAY ✨ — so get hopping in for a Lights Out ad-vent-ture!

Stay suspicious, beans!

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