Among Us VR Patch 1 Update

Among Us VR Patch 1 Update

Greetings, Crewmates! 

Our first patch is live today, so we wanted to provide more transparency on what exactly it’s doing, what we’re doing, and what lies ahead for you!

Here’s the TL;DR recap:

👾👾👾 BUG FIXES👾👾👾

This update may be small, but there’s a super-mega-jumbo patch in the coming weeks!


Want to be a Beta Tester for our bug fixes before our next patches even go live? Opt in!


The holidays came early! New Festive Favorites hats are available now.

If you want the deets, keep reading!

👾👾👾 BUG FIXES 👾👾👾

Being 100% real with you all right now: this is a very small update we already had built-in and waiting to go after launch. The big features of this update nullify some sneaky cheater tactics; we added some fixes to exploits noticed during our Beta Tests.

I know what you’re thinking. “That’s it?! Are you even listening to our complaints?!”

Let me assure you, we hear you all loud and clear. And we’re hard at work making adjustments to the game to address your biggest concerns. In fact — the next patch is coming soon (in mid-December!), and we assure you it’ll be worth the wait!

But, before we push these changes into the main game… we thought you might want to help us test…


… so, we’re adding an Open Beta channel that you can opt into and live experience our bug fixes! With how integral our original Beta Testers were in helping us identify issues and testing… with thought this would be a win-win solution!

Opting into the Open Beta channel will allow you to play on a different build of the game where the Dev Team is actively working on addressing known bugs. Meaning, you may just get a sneak peak at some fixes before they go completely public — in fact, our first priority test will revolve around an issue we’ve seen a number of you reporting: decreasing the wait time to fill public lobbies (specifically when changing from private to public!).

Here’s how to opt in:

If you’re playing from the Meta Store:

  • Go to the Store Page
  • Change the Version dropdown from LIVE to Beta
  • You may need to uninstall and reinstall the game on your device.

If you’re playing from Steam:

  • Right-Click Among Us VR in your Library and select Properties
  • On the BETAS tab, change the dropdown from None to Beta
  • You may need to exit (not minimize) Steam and reopen to trigger the update

This is also totally optional~! So no pressure!

Bug fixes will be implemented into the base game after we’ve solidified they are working. So, those staying in the regular build will be assured the most stable option — and it’ll be updated accordingly!

🎩🎩🎩 NEW HAT PACK 🎩🎩🎩

A brand new wave of your favorite hats have now converted into the realm of VR! Celebrate the season with the Hat Pack: Festive Favorites DLC — available now on Steam and on the Meta Store!

🎁 Presents Dude

🎁 Can’tdy Cane

🎁 Oh, Dear, Rain

🎁 Lit Up

🎁 Frosted

🎁 Toy Dude

Additionally, all Crewmates are being gifted with the Gift Wrapped hat! See what I did there? Your presence in our community is a present, so we thought you should be aptly rewarded as such. So, we hope you’ll enjoy this little token of our appreciation.

We appreciate you hanging in there with our bug fixes and continuing to send in your feedback! Among Us VR will continue to grow before 2023 hits and well beyond.

Stay safe, have fun, and don’t be suspicious!

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