🍽️ Taste the Perfection of Infection in AUVR’s New LTE!

🍽️ Taste the Perfection of Infection in AUVR’s New LTE!

We hope you came hungry, beans! We’ve got an extra serving of mayhem prepared for our Limited Time Event #2 — Infection Event!

This LTE introduces Infection Mode, where beans are divided into two teams: Chefs and Zomburritos. 

Chefs are kind of like your Crewmates: innocent, dedicated to completing their tasks, and super stylish with matching toques 🧑‍🍳. But, look out, Chefs… you’re not alone. 😱 Just around the corner, hidden in the bathroom, waiting in the freezer… infected Zomburritos await! Just where did they come from? How did they come to be? No one knows… All we do know is that whatever they have is extremely dangerous and contagious! ⚠️

As a team, Chefs must complete ten of their tasks before they are caught and infected by a Zomburrito. Meanwhile, the Zomburritos crave more numbers and seek to contaminate the Chefs! Once infected, Chefs will mutate into Zomburritos themselves and need to help convert the rest of their old companions into delicious monstrosities as well! Will the Zomburritos take over or can the Chefs finish their tasks in time?! ⏲️

Did we mention that all of this takes place in a new map…?

Feast your eyes on the Mess Hall!

We’ve shaken some spice on the Polus Point map you’ve grown to love… and come up with a new recipe for disaster fun! 🧂 Add in a large dash of industrial corridors, a splash of dead ends, a sprinkle of cave-ins, TWO bathrooms, and our secret ingredient — a brand new room: the kitchen! 🍳

We expect you to fry chicky nuggies to crispy perfection with the new deep fryer task. 🍗  Marvel in awe of the donut-making machine. 🍩 Take inventory of the supplies stored within the giant freezer 🧊, just don’t get locked in… especially with an Impostor! Oh wait… is that a vent?! 😱 

For the added sprinkles on top, we’ve cooked up a thematic hat pack for the occasion — the Limited Time Hats: Mess Hall DLC, including:

🧑‍🍳 My Name Chef — Re-imagined for the VR space, this classic headwear from the original Among Us takes the cake for best dressed. It’s the perfect ingredient for a five-star, four-course, 3D experience to won (get it? Two one?) the game!

🌯 Zomburrito — It’s alive! Oozing out of its fresh-pressed, warm tortilla shell, a mixture of lettuce, queso, mystery meat, and DOOM rolled to perfection. Or rather… INfection. Just don’t ask about the green goop.

Otherwise exclusive to the Infection Event, these two hats offer a chance to serve piping hot culinary couture. 💅 Bring the kitchen chaos out of Infection Mode and into your everyday Among Us VR experience with this limited-time pack.

And what better segue into our next major update! Observant Crewmates may have noticed this change go live a few days ago… but we’re pleased to formally announce the wardrobe upgrade! 🏗️

We’ve expanded and redesigned the Crewmate closet to better display your available cosmetics. All of your bean color options are now visible on the same page. 🎨 You can “try on” hats and spin your bean to check yourself out from all sides. 🌀 And you can more easily see the hats you may be missing to complete your collection! 🛒

Our devs are cooking up even more wardrobe expansions for the future as well… so, think of this as simply rebuilding the foundation to add even more levels of cosmetic excitement. But for now, we gotta keep you in suspense of what that could be! 🤫

Well, beans — is your stomach growling yet? Your Among Us VR LTE#2 experience is ready to serve ✨ TODAY ✨. Don’t wait for the dinner bell; grab a bite before the event expires!

Stay suspicious, beans!

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