Suit Up for DUM Justice! 💥 AUVR’s New Limited Time Event Has Arrived

Suit Up for DUM Justice! 💥 AUVR’s New Limited Time Event Has Arrived

Greetings, beans! We’ve got another exciting update to share with you today on the Among Us VR-front.

Turn on the Bean Signal, Commissioner! 🔦 It’s a bean! 🫘 It’s a betrayal! ☠️ It’s… DUM Justice! 💥

Our third Limited Time Event is here! 🎉 Starting NOW, our ⚖️ DUM Justice event ⚖️ will be live and waiting in the alleys, on the rooftops, and wherever danger strikes! (Okay, it’s really just in the game. But, it’s fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiine.) Become vengeance beansonified with the introduction of a brand new role: The Vigilante. 💥

Vigilantes join the Crewmates with their own Kill ability! But with Engineers venting right alongside the Impostors… will they put a stop to the right bean?! 😱 A Vigilante’s Kill ability can be performed on ANYone — and roles won’t be revealed during ejection either. So, are you about to vote out the Impostor who killed Yellow in Electrical… or are they actually the Vigilante?! 😰

🕸️ Remember: With great power comes great responsi-bean-ity! 🕸️

But the Vigilante isn’t the only one taking matters into their own hands — We’re also handing out another brand new feature to the game: GLOVES! 🧤

You’ve been proudly and perfectly parading around the plethora of hats available in your Wardrobe… and now it’s time to expand your options. Get a grip on three brand new hand cosmetics with our new Glove Pack: Catch Deez Hands — available on the store as an additional purchase. OR you can mask-up as our DUM Justice Vigilante bean with the Limited Time Pack: DUM Duo that includes both Vigilante Hood and Gloves!

Our team is hard at work filling your Wardrobe with options so you can perfectly outfit your beansona, so we hope you’ll be excited to see what’s next!

And finally… alongside all of the crime-stopping chaos, we’ve added another highly requested tool to your utility belt with this update…

✨ Security Cams are now operational in the Skeld II! 📹

Take control of various cameras’ live feeds to scope out and monitor areas all around the Skeld II. 👀 But don’t get too comfortable — with your back turned to an inconspicuous vent… you might just become easy prey. ☠️

As a final announcement, we’re excited to provide a bonus secret weapon. For the entirety of the DUM Justice Limited Time Event, new recruits can use Promo Code: DUMCode40-8686E7 to get 40% off Among Us VR on the Meta Store! Spread the word, share the code, and assemble your DUM Justice League or A-Vengeance-rs squad! 

The Among Us VR Limited Time Event: DUM Justice runs today (June 13) through July 9, 2024 — so don’t miss your chance to take justice into your own hands and advance your cause today! No matter the collateral damage. 💥

Stay suspicious, beans!

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