The Among Us 2024 Roadmap

The Among Us 2024 Roadmap

Helloooooo Crewmates,

Our roadmap for 2024 is here! Yes… I know… half the year has almost gone by. I will accept my punishment of ejection on their behalf (but I’ll still cry about it).

Are you wondering why it took so long to share? It’s a good question. Our team was redefining our process for updates and how we organize them, finding out what matters most *looks at that player survey from a couple months ago*, and taking a well deserved nap, etc..

Roadmap 2024 – Our Plans

New Roles

Since we introduced the Engineer, Scientist, Guardian Angel, and Shapeshifter back in 2021, new roles has been one of the highest requested additions to the game – and for good reason! Roles introduced a new way to betray and bewilder Crewmates, and more ways to gather evidence against the Impostors.

Soon we’ll introduce more brand new roles each with their own little quirk that make for some very interesting lobbies. I can’t guarantee they’ll help you avoid an untimely ejection but who knows… it’s all about how you play!

Better Lobby Filtering

We’re improving how you find lobbies through a more refined set of search settings.

Make the Lobby Settings Pretty

Our looooooooong list of settings is getting a facelift. Say hello to snappy menus so you can easily see all the settings you can change as a host, and have a quick view of the important ones as you join lobbies.

Cosmetics and Collabs

Our true calling – Bean fashion. We’re cooking up more ways for you to slay while you slay. 💅

Y’all know how we get down with the cute, goofy, and chaotic collabs with other studios. We’re rolling the dice and hoping to continue blowing your minds this year. No one is safe. (sorry Red)

Quality of Life

Along with the lobby settings and filtering mentioned above, we’re sprucing up other items that will make your ears (do Crewmates even have ears?) perk up. We’re cooking up other changes too – music for the lobbies (a Puffballs United original of course), Crewmate chatter popping at the top of the screen, and more.

More +

This is where I’m allowed to talk about [REDACTED]. Can’t say more than that ’cause we like surprising you!

Wooooooo, that’s a lot of stuff! The team is hard at work checking notes and prepping their tasks to make these plans a reality, so don’t expect all of these to be completed in the order shown above.

We’re excited and can’t wait to get these changes into your lovely, non-Impostor-knife-wielding hands.

Off to decipher my part of the roadmap,


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