Horse Mode is Coming Back – v2023.3.28

Horse Mode is Coming Back – v2023.3.28

Yeehawww, Crewmates! It’s time to wrangle all you Crewmates and Impostors who like to horse around instead of doing your tasks (remember to do your tasks, Ghosts!). Before you ride off, here is what’s happening in v2023.3.28:

Fun Stuff

  • New Cosmetics! Check out the in-game store for several new cosmetics including hats, nameplates, and visor. Better yet, they’ll only cost BEANS! And lucky you – an Impostor sabotaged some of the pricing on the nameplates so they’re cheaper than they should be. We’ll get that fixed up in the next update but for now, enjoy!
  • APRIL FOOLS DAY IS COMING. Can you hear it? The sounds of hooves echoing in the halls of the Skeld and across the alien landscape of Polus?

    That’s right – an improved Horse Mode is returning for April Fool’s from March 31 – April 2! That’s a whole weekend of HORSE! In case you missed it last year, we turned all the Crewmates into Horsemates. That’s it. It started from a joke tweet we made 2 years ago and spiraled wildly out of control because we laughed wayyyy too much at the idea of it.

    The best part? We’ve added a whole new Horse Wrangling mode to it… AKA Hide n Seek mode will turn into a horse-y surprise. Make sure to check back around April Fools to see what we have planned.

Along with the return of Horse Mode, we’ll have some really fun and totally legit merch available for purchase like our Crewmate costumes and Horsemate pins. Be on the lookout for brand new merch on sale April 1st!

Before I get carried away trying to add all the merch to my cart, let’s take a look at the patches notes for v2023.3.28 and see what bugs have been squashed by the hooves of Horse Mode.

Patch Notes

  • [Hide n Seek] – Players will no longer get stuck on a black screen if the Seeker leaves during the reveal screen. Players will see a reveal screen and once gameplay begins the game will end with ‘Impostor Disconnected’ if a new Seeker isn’t chosen.
  • [All Modes] – Task arrows no longer get stuck on screen after a comms sabotage
  • [All Modes] – Players will no longer see lobbies mixed with assets from the Skeld
  • [Hide n Seek] – Players can no longer be killed while the vent animation is being completed
    • Due to latency, the animation may still play under certain circumstances
  • [Hide n Seek] – Impostor can now use ‘click to kill’ when a Ghost is located directly over another player’s Crewmate
  • [Airship] – Impostor or Seeker can no longer clip into the wall when trying to kill a Crewmate while they are climbing a ladder
  • [iOS] – Ghosts no longer have transparent dots displayed on them
  • [Nintendo Switch] – Announcement links will open correctly in the Switch’s browser
  • Player skins now load onto Crewmate correctly when spawning in lobby
  • Shapeshifter pet is now displayed correctly if Impostor shapeshifts into a Crewmate with a pet
  • Players blocked in the Friends List are displayed properly
  • Fixes to Right Hand Man kill animations
  • Winning or losing a game in Practice will now reset the practice game

I really gotta hand it to the QA and Programming teams for knocking out even more bugs to help make betraying your friends a much smoother experience! If you think you’ve found a bug or hiccup in your experience remember to send us a Helpdesk ticket or email support at [email protected]. That’s all for this section, Crewmates! Read on to see what Known Bugs are in this update.

I know what you’re thinking – ‘Dors is in Krys’s Bug Zone’ taking up valuable Player Support space. Well, let it be known that I’m just here to help tell you what known bugs are a part of v2023.3.28:

  • [Android] – When playing in local mode, players may encounter a black screen after the host attempts to create a new lobby
  • [Android / iOS] – Star redemptions may be delayed if the purchasing process is interrupted
  • Oops! Some new nameplate cosmetics are priced incorrectly. This will be fixed in the next update to match the rest of the pricing.

And there we have it – a shortlist for this round of updates but we’re hoping to get these bugs resolved for you all ASAP! Keep reading to see who’s creating in the Fun Zone.

One of the awesome perks of writing in this section of the dev log is getting to look at all your amazing work and skills, and sometimes the work really touches our hearts. The first entry is from Daniel, who really loves Among Us and has been using his imagination to draw and make stories on his own. He even took the time to draw the whole team!

Keep up the awesome work, Daniel! You might end up drawing for your own game in the future.

Next up is XYEZT387’s bean featuring some of the new Guardian cosmetics from our last update! Now I’m not usually a Hunter fan but that Crewmate is looking pretty snazzy.

Our next piece for the fun zone is this cute little critter from one of our Discord members, Weasel. Seeing our sloth logo as a little cozy plush definitely brings some warm fuzzy feelings.

That’s all for this updates fun zone, Crewmates! I can’t wait to see how inspired you’re going to be after seeing Horse Mode return.

Totally be-hay-ving,


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