The SpoooOOOooooOOOky Dev Log

The SpoooOOOooooOOOky Dev Log

Hiya Crewmates! 

The team has just released an update for Among Us, featuring some quality of life improvements and fixes. Here’s what you’ll see in version 2022.10.18, out now on all platforms! 

Fun Stuff:

  • Upcoming free VR Visor cosmetic drop! We’ve all been super excited about the new Among Us VR news: The game will be available on Meta Quest and Steam VR November 10, 2022! To commemorate the occasion, we’ll be dropping a free VR Visor cosmetic from November 1 – 30, 2022 so make sure you claim it before it disappears! Careful you don’t run into an Impostor while you wear one… 
  • Halloween Cosmicubes have returned to the store – is it a trick? Maybe a treat? Be sure to get yours by October 31, 2022! 
  • The Skeld and MIRA HQ are now decorated to celebrate the spook month – have fun! 

Patch highlights: 

  • Chewie pet now matches the color of your Crewmate! Yay more flavor!
  • The map now shows your last location when an Emergency Meeting is called instead of where the emergency meeting is. 
  • Added Screen Shake options for non-PC platforms 
  • Temporary Accounts can now randomize their names on mobile. 
  • Lobby names are now randomized in an effort to combat reports of toxicity using custom ones – we are actively working on creating game filters and further our reporting efforts in order to make sure you’re able to play the games you want! Please be patient with us as we improve the game. 

Those are the game side updates! Keep reading for Krys’s bug zone report for the latest squashed bugs. 

We’re getting closer and closer to the Hide n Seek release and let me tell you- I’m really excited for this game mode! The feelings through the studio are electric during playtests and we can’t wait to have you get your hands on it. It’s a bit spooky, chaotic and leads to some good laughs. 

Merch Update

Speaking of spooky- now’s a great time to check out our new Halloween merch,  available in our store now. Featuring a very metal t-shirt, a stylish Impostor shirt, DUM hat, a cozy beanie, bag, and even Halloween themed stickers. Be sure to get yourself a treat while supplies last! 

Coming October 27 we’ll have hololive production merch in our store, including items like plushies, pins, posters, tees, and more. Keep an eye out to make sure you grab your fav VTuber’s item before it sells out! 

Until we can share more- finish those tasks, get some choccy milk, and maybe enjoy a nap! 

See ya, 


Psst. Not gone yet cause I wanted to remind y’all to please use our in-game reporting features if you see players engaging in bad behavior! This helps our team address these folks and take appropriate actions against them. If you need a refresher, here’s how to do it.

Henlo Crewmates!! Hope you’ve been having fun and getting stoked with what we have in store… 👀 

In the meantime, we’ve got a little mini-update for you to whet your appetites. Mmmmm, delicious updates. Nutritious. Hearty. Just that perfect umami flavor. Um. Anyway. 

  • Please update your game if you’ve been experiencing Child Account issues, as we have been actively working on fixes for some bugs. If an update doesn’t help, please reach out to us at our Help Desk! 
  • Made Kick/Ban buttons easier to highlight in the lobby and during Meetings after players select “Play Again” 
  • Fixed a bug where the Friends List – Request Permission button couldn’t be interacted with in the Blocked Players tab 
  • Players can now see the percentage completed within a Cosmicube 
  • The Manage Account link can now be selected using a controller 
  • [iOS/Android] Temporary accounts can now randomize their names 
  • [PC] Fixed hitbox of the Manage Account link when using a mouse 
  • [PC] Fixed a bug where the Kill cooldown wasn’t ticking down when players ride on platforms/ladders 

And that’s all for now! That was quite a list… Now I’m hungry. Will there ever be a DevLog that doesn’t mention food? Doubtful. 

Happy lunching, 


Well, well, well. Look who’s back… it’s me. I’m back. With a collection of fun zone finds for this update! 

Been thinking about some new ink and Radical Grandpa on Reddit has done a very sweet Crewmate tat:

And even if you aren’t down with tats, you gotta respect a Crewmate with some drip like Stuff_Youssef’s:  

Saltssaumure has been adding some really fun work in the fanart gallery in our official Discord: 

That’s all for the funzone for this dev log. Keep up the fantastic work everyone! I’m outta here before you think I’m the Impostor… I’m not… really. 

Gotta go- byeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! 


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