Voice Cast for the Among Us Animated Series: Round 2

Voice Cast for the Among Us Animated Series: Round 2

Hi Crewmates!

Ready for more information about the Among Us animated series? Well you have no choice because I’m here to reveal our second wave of voice cast that will be on our super safe, totally not murder-y show. Please welcome Dan Stevens (Downton Abbey), Kimiko Glenn (Orange Is The New Black), and Liv Hewson (Yellowjackets) to the crew!

We still have one more round of voice actors to announce, so stay tuned for that!

Dan Stevens will voice ‘Blue’ – Doctor

  • Knowledgeable, charming, so hot
  • Task: physical and emotional care
  • Fun Fact: also has a doctorate in poetry

Liv Hewson will voice ‘Black’ – Geologist

  • Stoic, coarse, rock-like
  • Task: supervising the ore shipments
  • Fun Fact: prefers rocks to people

Kimiko Glenn will voice ‘Cyan’ – Gemologist

  • Healing through crystals
  • Task: supervising the vibes
  • Fun Fact: the vibes are bad

If you missed the first round of voice cast, you can see that here.

Are you pumped because I’m pumped oh god so much is happening so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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