Among Us Horse Mode – April Fools 2022

Among Us Horse Mode – April Fools 2022

Hi Horsemates!

One year ago, we asked:

And this year for April Fools, we no longer need to ask “what if?” Now we can say: “Ha ha wait OH NO STOP.” Among Us Horse Mode is live NOW!

That’s right – for one day only as part of our April Fools celebration, we are launching Among Us Horse Mode. This is a free update that will disappear on April 2, 12AM UTC (that’s April 1, 8pm EST), so make sure you hop on and launch the game to try it out now – it’ll automatically appear if you’re on the latest version.

This mode features:

  • Among Us Crewmates and Impostors reimagined as a more cursed four legged version of themselves
  • A new “neigh” kill sound that is voiced by our programmer Gary. This was originally a joke filler sound we used until we could find a real horse sound to use. Then we realized it was much better this way.
  • A new (anticlimatic) kill animation for Impostors
  • Horsemates can only wear hats and visors for this update
  • This mode was made as a joke side project so there might be some janky visuals

Hope you enjoy it!


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