⏪ Looking Backwards: An Among Us VR in 2023 Recap

⏪ Looking Backwards: An Among Us VR in 2023 Recap

Fun fact, Beans — Today, January 31, is “Backwards Day.” And while we intend to further celebrate by exclusively running backwards, we wanted to also use the day to look backwards at last year’s accomplishments!

New Map, New Features, New Crewmates!

From 🛠️ Custom Lobby Settings and 🦺 Player Safety Features to the brand new 🌋 Polus Point map and a closet full of new 🧢 Hats and Hat Packs 👑 — we launched a number of updates and additions to expand the game last year. 

Not only that, but we were thrilled to be able to launch Among Us VR to two new platforms — PlayStation VR2® and PICO — bringing in new waves of Crewmates to join into the fray. (We’re going to overlook the fact that this also brought in new Impostors… cause, let’s face it, we kinda love that, too! 👀)

New Accolades for the Awards Cabinet 🏆

We also got to flex a little, and we’re just a little proud of it. 🎉 Not to brag or anything… but Among Us VR earned numerous awards and nominations in 2023, including:

  • The Unity Awards — Best AR/VR Game Winner
  • The VR Awards — VR Game of the Year Finalist
  • The Auggie Awards — Best Game or Toy Winner
  • The NYX Game Awards — Meta Quest VR Game – Multiplayer Grand Winner
  • The Webby People’s Voice Awards — Best Social Gaming Experience Winner
  • The Webby Awards — Best Social Gaming Experience Winner
  • The D.I.C.E. Awards — Immersive Reality Technical Achievement Finalist

We’re incredibly honored to have received all of this recognition and are so grateful for everyone who has believed and continues to support us! 🥺 We’re doing it, Beans!

New 🎮 Gameplay Stats for the Books

Now let’s dive into YOU. What did you, our Crewmates and Impostors, accomplish last year? Well… seemingly a lot! We pulled a handful of interesting tidbits about how you played over 2023.

  • Impostors won a majority of matches (58%) with only 15% of those wins coming from Sabotage victories
  • Crewmate wins (42%) were almost always (93%) achieved through voting out the Impostor(s)
  • The average Crewmate survived somewhere between one to two minutes per match
  • 41% of matches ended with only one Crewmate being killed
  • 98% of games were played in Public Lobbies
  • Over 3 million beans were ejected
  • Over 4 million Crewmate bodies were reported
  • The most popular hats (by pack) were Trillbilly (Free), Plagued (Crew Favorites), Breathe Gud (Polus Point Picks), Note 2 Self (Accidental Favorites), Cap Cap (Fungle Fresh Picks), and Presents Dude (Festive Favorites)
  • Contrarily, the Floatasaurus (Free), Headslug (Crew Favorites), Royal Ice-Ing (Polus Point Picks), Magical ‘Corn (Accidental Favorites), Sandmate (Fungle Fresh Picks), and Frosted (Festive Favorites) are the hat deserving of more love
  • Red ranked as the most popular color throughout the year, being selected around 13% of the time; meanwhile, Brown was consistently the least used color every month, averaging around 4% of beans each month
  • Purple saw the biggest jump in popularity, ranking 8th from January through March and leaping to 5th from May through October

✨ New Possibilities for the New Year!

Looking backward at the past year can be fun, but we know you’re dying to know what lies ahead. ☠️ We’ve put together a roadmap for you showcasing our plans for the coming year, but… we’ll have to keep you in the dark a bit longer for now about specifics. Just know something will come to light very, very soon! 💡

Stay suspicious!

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