Infection Event ⚠️ Seven Days Remain

Infection Event ⚠️ Seven Days Remain

Count the hours; seven days remain, beans. This is the official last call to fill your proverbial plate! 🍽️ The Limited Time Event — Infection Event will be closing up shop on May 7, 2024.

But, surely you didn’t think we’d leave it at that? Of course not! We have some additional goodies to offer before your final helping.

Let us officially congratulate our official Discord server for absolutely devouring the goal of our Mess Hall Mania event! 🎉

Our Crewmate community was tasked with making the Mess Hall map the most played location across all in-game matches during the week of April 22 through April 28… and wow did they ever. Not only was the Mess Hall map used for almost 70% of all lobbies… but Infection Mode made up over half of the games played on every single day of the challenge!

But now, what you’ve really been waiting for — discounts!

Clearly the love for Mess Hall has been infectious… and we want to keep spreading the infection! 🤒 From now until the end of our Limited Time Event, using the promo code ZOMBURRITO-8686E7 will add an additional 25% off of Among Us VR on the Meta Quest store! 🌯

Share the code with your friends who haven’t hopped into the kitchen chaos.💸 Save them some dough, or they can use the savings to snag the Limited Time Hats: Mess Hall pack before it expires while still spending less… the possibilities are endless!

Now, I need to get back to the deep fryer and check on my chicky nuggies…

Stay suspicious!

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