🍽️ Mess Hall Mania BEGINS! 🔥

🍽️ Mess Hall Mania BEGINS! 🔥

Let’s get ready to Mess Hallllllllllllllll!

As part of our Limited Time Event shenanigans, we’re excited to announce our Discord Community Event, Mess Hall Mania

Starting April 22 through April 28, we’ll be tracking how the Infection spreads and watching the usage of all three maps in Among Us VR. Can our Crewmate Community cook together to keep Mess Hall at number one for the week?

Remember: Mess Hall is the default map for Infection Mode, but also available for regular matches! And both cases are completely valid… so… the odds are stacked in your favor!

Be sure to join the event for your chance to win exciting Discord-exclusive prizes — including the chance to claim the Limited Time Hats: Mess Hall pack on the platform of your choice for free!

Stay suspicious, beans!

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