Presenting… the Vigilant-ME Contest 🎨💥

Presenting… the Vigilant-ME Contest 🎨💥

Attention, all beans! We’re pleased to see that you’re enjoying our DUM Justice Limited Time Event… but did you really think our Vigilante was the only antihero in the world? 🤔 We sure didn’t.

In fact, we’re asking you to help us identify more of these superbeans by sharing your OWN Vigilante beansona designs! ✨

Presenting… the Among Us VR Vigilant-ME Contest!

The rules are simple: Show us your unique design for a Vigilante bean! 🎨 Draw, design, take screenshots, animate, sculpt… whatever visual medium you prefer. ✨ Will you be a mysterious and edgy masked antihero? 🦇 Maybe an adorably astronomical bean sailor? 🌙 What about a team of multicolored beans with giant animal-esque mech vehicles? ⚡ (What do you MEAN all of these ideas have been used before?!)

We want to see your most innovative and creative designs yet. 🎉 A randomly-selected winner will be awarded with TWO Among Us VR cosmetic packs of their choice! 🏆 This includes previous Limited Time Packs, by the way… 👀

Submissions will be accepted starting NOW until July 4, 2024 at 11:59pm Eastern (UTC-4) / 8:59pm Pacific (UTC-7), with the winner being revealed on our Discord and X the following week!

💥 Power up, design away, and share the joy of Vigilante visions. Best of luck, my beans!

Stay suspicious!

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