Announcing: Among Us x Pusheen

Announcing: Among Us x Pusheen

Incoming message from Admin: Your new task is to chill with Pusheen!

Our newest collab brings the adorable Pusheen to the world of Among Us in the form of the fluffiest and cutest new cosmetics you’ve ever seen. 🌈😍💖

We’ve had a wonderful time working with the folks at Pusheen to bring her (plus some friends!) adorable likeness to the spacebean life for all you Crewmates and Impostors. 🐱✨

The Pusheen Cosmicube is available in our in-game store for 110 stars NOW! Be sure to get yours before the cube disappears on September 13, 2023. In this precious Cosmicube, you’ll be able to unlock the following items:

  • Cat Nap Hat
  • Donut Mess With Me Nameplate
  • Gorgeous! Visor
  • If I Fits I Sits Hat
  • Kissy Kitty Visor
  • Kool Kat Visor
  • Lilac Pastel Pusheen Hat
  • Lilac Pastel Pusheen Skin
  • Mint Pastel Pusheen Hat
  • Mint Pastel Pusheen Skin
  • Om Nom Nom Visor
  • Pink Pastel Pusheen Hat
  • Pink Pastel Pusheen Skin
  • Pip Pet
  • Pusheen Pet
  • Pusheen Skin
  • Pusheen Smile Visor
  • Pusheen The Hat
  • Single Rainbow What Does It Mean Nameplate
  • Sloth Hat
  • Sloth Skin
  • Stormy Pet
  • Strawberry Fields Nameplate
  • Super Pusheenicorn Hat
  • Super Pusheenicorn Skin
  • What Do You Have There? Nameplate
  • Yaaaaay Visor

So many cosmetics to combo together to make the cutest Crewmate this side of Polus! (Maybe if you’re cute enough, the Impostor will get to distracted and have mercy on you..? Hmmmm.) 💖🌟

Off to om nom nom,


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