Announcing: The Indie Cosmicube

Announcing: The Indie Cosmicube

This one is a team lift, Crewmates!

Our new collab is with not one, not two, but SIX different game studios for our largest Cosmicube ever! Our indie friends have brought their characters to Among Us to commit crimes uhhhhh….. help Crewmates out…. with tasks…. Yeah… (Can someone please check on Papyrus?)

Our team was so excited to bring the stylings of Untitled Goose Game 🦒, Undertale πŸ’€, Crypt of the NecroDancer 🎢, Celeste πŸ“, Castle Crashers 🏰, Alien Hominid πŸ‘½, and A Hat in Time 🎩 to life in Among Us. They’re indie. We’re indie. It’s like that Spider-Man meme but instead of pointing, we’re crying because we love each others’ work so much.

We hope you’ve been saving your Beans for this moment as the Indie Cosmicube is available now for 7000 Beans!! If you find yourself Bean-less, this is a free resource you get by simply playing Among Us games. Once you have enough Beans you can get the Cosmicube in our in-game store. Make sure you activate it in your inventory afterwards, since you’ll also need to earn Pods to unlock the sweet indie cosmetics inside! (Confused? Don’t worry – we have this handy guide on what this all means)

So zipline your way over to the in-game shop to get yours as the Cosmicube will be gone after February 28, 2024! Here’s what you’ll find in this massive cube:

Alien Hominid

  • Alien Underbite Visor
  • Alien’s Antennae Hat
  • ZAP! Nameplate

Castle Crashers

  • Crasher’s Armor Skin
  • Crasher’s Helmet Hat
  • Hatty Hattington’s Hat Hat
  • Hatty’s Delicious Tears Visor
  • Hatty’s Delightful Suit Skin
  • Kingley Dignity Visor
  • Kingley Krown Hat
  • Kingley Robes Skin
  • Let’s Have a Brawl Nameplate
  • Rammy Pet


  • Badeline’s Hair Hat
  • Badeline’s Jacket skin
  • Catch Me Quick Nameplate
  • Flying Strawberry Pet
  • Madeline’s Gear Skin
  • Madeline’s Hair Hat
  • The Birb Hat
  • Theo’s Beard Visor
  • Theo’s Gear Skin
  • Theo’s Hair Hat
  • Upward and Onward Nameplate

Crypt of the NecroDancer

  • Bone Shaker Pet
  • Cadence’s Bandana Hat
  • Cadence’s Tabbard Skin
  • Dance Til You Drop (Dead) Nameplate
  • Frederick’s Goatee Visor
  • Frederick’s Hat Hat
  • Frederick’s Outfit Skin
  • I Sorta Knew ‘Em Hat
  • Light Up the Night Nameplate
  • Nocturna’s Ponytail Hat
  • Nocturna’s Wings Skin

A Hat in Time

  • Bow Kid’s Bow Hat
  • Bow Kid’s Dress Skin
  • The Conductor’s Cap Hat
  • The Conductor’s Uniform Skin
  • Kid’s Cape Skin
  • Kid’s Hat Hat
  • Mad Crow Pet
  • Mustache Girl’s Hood Hat
  • Mustache Girl’s Mustache Visor
  • Mustache Girl’s Robes Skin
  • No Time to Spare Nameplate
  • Your Contract Has Expired Nameplate


  • Bird That Carries Crew Hat
  • Bonetrousle Hat
  • Casual Outfit of Justice Skin
  • CoolSkeleton95 Skin
  • Napstamate Pet
  • Once Upon a Time Nameplate
  • Ponytail of Justice Hat
  • Some Guy’s Hoodie Skin
  • Spear of Justice Hat
  • Your Best Friend Hat
  • Your Worst Nightmare Hat
  • You’re Going to Have a Time Nameplate

Untitled Goose Game

  • The Gardener’s Cap Hat
  • The Gardener’s Gear Skin
  • The Gardener’s Nose Visor
  • Golden Bell Hat
  • A Goose Beak Visor
  • A Goose Pet
  • HONK Nameplate
  • Peace Was Never An Option Nameplate
  • Untitled Goose Floaty Hat
  • The Wimp’s Glasses Visor
  • The Wimp’s Wardrobe Skin

If you read this entire list here is your gold star.⭐ If you didn’t and just skipped to the bottom for a fun quip and to see what my Crewmate is wearing… well we’re almost there. With a whopping 25 hats, 18 skins, 12 nameplates, 9 visors, and 6 pets, there’s uh… grabs calculator8,091,720 possible combinations from just this one Cosmicube! (Assuming you have the choice of not wearing something).

We can’t wait to see what combinations you come up with. Tag us with your favorites on Twitter (X), TikTok, and Instagram!


^ Uh, that was Victoria jumping in.

Off to crash a castle,


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