April Fools’ Goes Necks-gen

April Fools’ Goes Necks-gen

We’ve waited a long time for this one, Crewmates.

For April Fools’, we’ve upgraded the game to have necks-gen graphics (our game designer Dave really stuck his neck out for this joke)! As per tradition, we have come up with the most cursed idea we could to celebrate. Say goodbye to horses – they’re not real anyway – and say hello to NECK.

We’re committing to the bit by bringing you a whole week of cursed Long Among Us. (L’mong Us? Hm.) That’s right – April Fools’ Mode will be available from April 1st – 8th. Don’t worry, though – if it’s too much for you, we built in a handy toggle button so you can turn it off and have normal beans… whatever “normal” is to you.

The Long and Short of It

This year we decided to find out how tall is too tall for a Crewmate. The answer is that there’s no such thing. Remember this is a limited time event, so hop on now to experience life above knee height. (Did you know Crewmates are canonically 3’6″ or 1.09m tall?)

Here’s what you can expect:

Note – Some cosmetics will be unavailable during April Fools’ long mode.

Classic Mode

  • Crewmates, Ghosts, and Impostors have had a growth spurt and grow to new heights
  • Shapeshifters will become the height of their target
  • Special kill animation
  • Ejection animations with taller Crewmates

Hide n Seek

  • Seeker now has a long neck
  • Heights of Crewmates change based on their distance from the Seeker

If you don’t want to wait until the 8th to go back to being a normal bean – don’t worry. You can turn off the April Fools’ mode from the lobby creation screen.

Merch Time

It wouldn’t be a complete April Fools’ celebration without some really awesome and totally real merch you can pick up from our store.

I’ll be rocking the Headslug beanie while I hang out with my new creb.

Be sure to pick up some fun merch along with your cursed goodies before they’re gone.

No longer a short king,


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