Banishing Bothersome Bugs

Banishing Bothersome Bugs


That’s not a command – just the month of this devlog! On the heels of our Lunar New Year cosmetic drops, it’s now time for a few changes. We also have a bunch of fixes and quality-of-life updates to make it even easier to complete your tasks. Hint: the task is to betray your friends.

Before you get ejected, let’s take a peak.


Fixing more than just the vibes

While a Crewmate’s life can be cut drastically short (don’t look at me like that), it doesn’t mean we can’t give it a little bump in quality – don’t worry Impostors, this is for you too.

Here’s the list of fixes with today’s update:

  • Crewmates will no longer teleport or ‘snap’ to a task when starting one.
  • Main Menu no longer goes to black screen after quickly selecting a map from the Practice Menu.
  • A variety of cosmetic fixes so you can continue having good drip.
  • RB and R1 prompts don’t appear on the screen twice when using cams on controller.
  • Lobby Settings won’t remain on screen at the start of a match.
  • Previewing items in a Cosmicube display on your selected Crewmate color instead of defaulting to Red.
  • [Classic] The Impostor count no longer reduces twice when an ejected Impostor leaves the game.
  • [Airship] Crewmates will not get stuck in the climbing animation while on a ladder when a sabotage ends.
  • [The Fungle] Crewmates hats no longer float behind them when riding the zipline. They finally hold onto their hats.
  • [Practice] [The Fungle] Crewmates will no longer clip through the map if they are using the zipline or ladders when a sabotage ends.
  • [Android] Game will no longer crash if a player moves close to a dead Crewmate under certain conditions.
  • [Xbox] Game will no longer soft lock if the controller disconnects while using the zipline, platforms, or ladders.
  • [Console] Game no longer crashes when you tilt the left stick to drop the last piece of the “Assemble Artifact” task.
  • [Crossplatform] The “You’re Boned” cosmetic icon is now correctly displayed.

That is quite a healthy list of fixes but our programmers will be vigilant and keep looking to fix more bugs as they show themselves! If you think you’ve seen one scuttling about, please send us a support ticket so we can get to squashing.

I’m gonna hand the update over to Mike and I’ll see you all again at the bottom of the page.


Hey, Crewmates! We’re still busy STOMP STOMP squishing as many STOMP bugs as we STOMP STOMP can. Phew!

But the task never ends, and we’re always on the lookout for new bugs to crush. Some are tricky, though, and take a while to figure out even after we know where they like to hide. Down below you’ll find a short list of bugs we already know about but that we haven’t quite figured out the best way to stomp out.

Known Bugs:

  • [The Fungle] Crewmates may sometimes leave their hand behind on the zipline.
  • [The Fungle] Player’s left hand may not appear as the correct color while wearing the Right Hand Man skin and using the zipline.
  • [Crossplatform] After attempting to merge a temporary account into a full account, some players may experience a Friendcode Fail error preventing account login
  • Impostors may teleport to a vent near a Crewmate when the Crewmate completes the “Clean Vent” task, even if the Impostor was not in the vent at the time.
  • [iOS] Players who have deleted their account data may be unable to log in after creating a new account on the same device.
  • [Android] Some players may be unable to link their Discord accounts to their Among Us account.

As always, please send in a bug report any time you find a bug or an error in-game! Be sure to be as descriptive as you can and send along any pictures or video clips that might help us work on the problem.

Now that we’ve made it down to where the bugs are not let’s look at some community art!

First up for this month’s community art is from Reddit’s Hanke95! They wanted to make sure we’re all feeling the love.

Art is love, and love is taking care of Crewmates. A big thank you to Reddit’s Dark_Sahdow4178 for pulling Cyan out of the trash and restoring them. Here’s hoping Cyan’s days are Impostor free from here on out.

Over in Discord, amissinpiece put the pens to paper and drew this awesome Among Us pizza time art! It really makes me wish we could all share a slice in person… though an Impostor may have gotten one already.

We love seeing the art and creations y’all do with our adorable, yet slightly suspicious, beans! Remember to tag us with your art or funny moments across our socials – Twitter, Instagram, or TikTok!

Gonna go clean some vents,


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