💡 Illuminating Highlights of Our Lights Out Event

💡 Illuminating Highlights of Our Lights Out Event

Heya, beans!

Last week, we turned the lights off on our first-ever 💡 Limited Time Event — Lights Out. 💡 We were overjoyed by your reception and the amount of Crewmate engagement we saw surrounding it, so wanted to share some interesting highlights with you. 🧮

We kicked off the Lights Out Event on Thursday, February 8, and immediately saw a surge of Crewmates joining in — 88% more than that of February 1, to be exact! 📈 In fact, there was a 194% increase in active Crewmates from the day before the event to the Saturday post-launch. The hype extended for the entire event with the most popular day to play being Saturdays. So. Many. BEANS! 🫘

No major changes occurred within the overall Crewmate community cosmetic preferences 🎨, but it’s the little ones that stand out. For example, while ❤️ Red beans wearing a fedora (Official Name: Fedorable? Trillbilly? Fedora? No one knows. 🤔) remained the most common choice, Safety Second jumped from seventh place to the second most used hat 🐱 Purrtected (Polus Point Picks) also made an appearance in the top five hats overall, while not even making the Top Ten for 2023 overall.

So what about the Limited Time Hat: Overscoped? 🥽 This was our first fully-animated hat and was exclusive to the timing of the Lights Out Event… so, hopefully you jumped on the opportunity to add it to your wardrobe!

Overscoped came in at the 22nd most popular hat throughout the duration of the Limited Time Event, beating out every other hat from any of our other Hat Pack DLCs! Plagued (Crew Favorites) was very close to matching Overscoped’s popularity, only off by 30 uses. However, don’t get it twisted — Overscoped was so popular that for every 1 Sandmate (Fungle Fresh Picks) in the wild, there were 340¼ Overscopeds! 🤯

We’re so excited to see that the hype for our new Limited Time Events has become infectious. However, for now, we’ll need to keep you in the dark a bit longer while we 🔥 cook 🍴 up our next event — coming in April 2024! 🐥

Stay suspicious, beans!

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