NEW GAME MODE: Hide n Seek is here! | Emergency Meeting #35 

NEW GAME MODE: Hide n Seek is here! | Emergency Meeting #35 

Hey there, Crewmates and Impostors!

Super excited to share our brand new game mode as part of v2022.12.8: Hide n Seek! The team has been hard at work building this new mode which brings some heart-racing action alongside our classic social deduction form of Among Us.

I won’t spoil all of the surprises but here’s a mini guide on how to play:

  • If you’re a Crewmate, your goal is to complete tasks to run down the timer and survive until the time is up to win. If you’re the Impostor, your goal is to eliminate all the Crewmates!
  • Do tasks – they make the timer go down faster.
  • Watch your danger meter! If the Impostor is far away, the danger meter will be empty. The closer an Impostor is, the more the bar will fill up (red means they’re REALLY close) and the louder the music gets! Crewmates get a limited number of vents in this mode, so use them wisely to escape.
  • FINAL HIDE! These are the last few moments of the game where the Impostor gets a power boost, special Seek map, and a directional ping to where any surviving Crewmates are. CRYING. SCREAMING. TERRIFIED.

And that’s Hide n Seek! It’s been a blast getting to see the team take this from the concept born from our community into a full-fledged mode. If you’re looking for a full rundown on how the mode works check out our How to Play guide or our in-game tutorial.

Some more quick notes for Hide n Seek:

  • [PC] All keybinds will be reset to default keybindings when the update is live. If you had them changed prior to the update remember to go into the keybindings menu and change them. 
  • Show Names options. There’s a new setting only for Hide n Seek called “Show Names”. This shows usernames above the heads of players. Turning this off can make it more difficult for Impostors to find Crewmates if they are hiding behind certain objects!
  • Choose the Impostor (private lobbies only). You can pick who the Impostor is via a player’s username or select “Round-robin” and let the game cycle through the players who are it. Choosing Impostors is only for private games so hosts can’t abuse this in public lobbies!
  • Flashlight Mode. If set to “On”, Flashlight Mode will be activated and all players will have to control a cone of vision. If set to “Off”, all players will have radial vision (they will be able to see in a circle around them.)

Other Notable Changes: 

  • New game filter options 
    • When looking for public lobbies or creating one, you are now required to designate what kind of lobby it is. Currently, there are four options: 
      • Beginner: Best for new players.
      • Casual: Best for players just looking to have fun and not take the game too seriously.
      • Serious: Best for players looking to win and play more deliberately.
      • Expert: Best for players who know Among Us well.
  • Note: Filters will display with the exact options chosen. E.g. “Beginner” and “Serious” will find you lobbies tagged as BOTH those items. It will NOT list lobbies listed as only “Beginner” or “Serious”.
  • Pet your pets! You can now pet your lovable companions in-game and in lobbies. Stand near your pet and hold down the button to pet them. 
  • New Haunt button. Died? Wish you could track your friends or enemies easier to watch the end of the game? Our handy new Haunt button for ghosts allows you to do just that. Track any alive Crewmate, Impostor, or haunt your fellow ghosts!

What’s New in Cosmetics?

No update would be complete without some fun cosmetics to add to your roster, and this one has a ton. First off – we heard you! More cosmetics you can buy with beans! Well get ready because the store now hosts a ton of new skins, nameplates, visors and even pets(!!!) that you can only get by having enough beans.

And speaking of pets… I just wanted to highlight my new favorite one to you which is a literal nugget. NUGGET PET. NUGGET PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!

Ahem, anyway. Of course, we can’t close out the year without some winter holiday themed goodies for all you good Crewmates and naughty Impostors! The two Snowflake and Snowbean Cosmicubes are back in the store, alongside a new Gift Cube Cosmicube.

The Snowbean and Snowflake Cosmicubes will be in stores until Jan 1, 2023 and the Gift Cube Cosmicube will be in stores until Feb 1, 2023! Be sure to grab yours when you can for some festive outings with your Crewmates.

Remember to check back in around New Years Eve too – there might be a fun little surprise waiting for you then in the game.

Woooo – that was a lot of stuff, huh? This has been a long time coming and we can’t wait to hear and see what you think. Remember to tag us so we can totally find your sneaky hiding spots see all your shenanigans!

Oh, and we have another super fun announcement: On Monday, December 13th a special cosmetic of Benoit Blanc from Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery is dropping! Just hop onto Among Us before January 10th and your sleuthing cosmetic is yours.

Keep reading as Krys and Joseph have some updates on big fixes that have also come in this update! See you in the Funzone!


Hello Bean Lovers Anonymous!! Hmm. Bean lovers. Coffee beans? Do you think Crewmates would make a good cup of coffee if you (gently, lovingly) ground them up?

….Anyway. Dors did a far better job of containing his excitement about our new mode than I ever could. Deep breaths…not going to run around screaming about how cool and fun Hide n Seek is… 

AHEM. I do have some official, technical (adjusts glasses) things to share with you all in the form of a list of known bugs for our Hide n Seek release, as well as an announcement. Never fear: the list of bugs is rather short and you should all still have smooth sailings into the new mode!  

  • [All Platforms] [Hide n Seek] Players may get killed while in the middle of venting
  • [All Platforms] [Hide n Seek] Players may get stuck in lobby after selecting “Play Again”
  • [All Platforms] [Classic] The first ejected Shapeshifter is incorrectly considered a Crewmate Ghost in a 2+ Impostor match and will be given tasks to complete
  • [All Platforms] [All modes] Colorblind text does not show up in Quick Chat messages from other players

And that’s all! As always, if you encounter any issues, please reach out to us by submitting a ticket!

And now for my lil announcement: I’ll be transitioning into a new role at Innersloth as an Associate Producer! (raucous laugher from the audience) I’ve been training up our new Player Support guru, Joseph, and I’m excited to see him take the reins and chase so many bugs and support so many players. (boisterous cheering and a standing ovation from the audience) Take it away, Joseph!! (shrill cacophony from the orchestra as time and space begin to twist and bend)

[Attempts to speak while also unbending space and time] Hiya! My name is Joseph and I’m the Player Support newbie! I’ll be around helping you squash bugs and any other issues that come your way, including booting Impostors 😈. See ya around!

Thanks for reading, my good beans! Cheerio!

With love and an abundance of caffeine,


Now… this funzone is a little special. Art and drawing hold a special place in my art as someone who likes to draw but doesn’t always know how to draw everything. That’s why I’ve learned from some really handy tutorials like this: 

I might plan to use some of these to draw all the shenanigans that will ensue during play sessions of Hide n Seek. If you’re doing any fanart, we’d love to see it so be sure to tag us on socials! Until next time, everyone – happy hiding and sneaky seeking!


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