The Indie Cosmicube and Fungle Fixes

The Indie Cosmicube and Fungle Fixes

Hi Crewmates,

I hope you’re not too funky from The Fungle from last month’s drop (you could always use the water at the beach). Because now we have some new updates and a special drop as a part of v2023.11.28.

🚨 Important: As of this update, we will be deprecating (removing) 2021 versions of Among Us. 🚨 We’ve been supporting a lot of older versions of the game, and as it continues to grow and get new features, it gets harder to keep up. We have to remove older versions so we can focus on improving our system for everyone. Make sure you update your game and thanks for understanding!

The Indie Cosmicube!!!

We’ve built our biggest Cosmicube yet featuring: Untitled Goose Game, Undertale, Crypt of the NecroDancer, Celeste, Behemoth (Castle Crashers and Alien Hominid), and A Hat in Time! That is a whole lot of delightful indies right there and so many new ways to dress your Crewmates and impress as the Impost – HONK – hey!

And if you think this couldn’t get more awesome, you’re wrong. We hope you’ve been saving up because this Cosmicube only costs 7000 Beans!!! Stop by the in-game shop now as the Cosmicube will only be available until February 28, 2024!

Click here for the complete Cube details!

Bean Cosmetics

If you’re looking for even more pizzazz, check out what new Bean currency items have been added to the store alongside the Fungle Cosmicube and complete your look!

Patch Notes

The team has been swatting mosquitos and other in-game bugs that may have been impacting your time in The Fungle or Among Us experience in general. Here are a few items that have been fixed:

  • [The Fungle] – Mushroom Mixup sabotage now randomizes skins
  • [The Fungle] – Some layering and animations have been fixed
  • [The Fungle] – You can now kill the Dummy that spawns in the kitchen. Their immortal reign is over
  • [The Fungle] – The Zipline SFX no longer plays continuously if a Crewmate is on it when a meeting is called
  • [The Fungle] – Campire SFX no longer plays during the intro sequence. Save the fire for the Impostors 🔥
  • [The Fungle] – The label for the Dock shows up on the map now. No more pretending you don’t know where it is…
  • [The Fungle] – The orange fish catch rate is now in line with the other fish
  • [The Fungle and Mira HQ] – Aim crosshair is back for the ‘Water Plants’ task when using a controller
  • [All Maps] – Quick Chat phrases that were listed incorrectly as Sabotages have been corrected
  • [All Platforms] – Shapeshifters won’t lose functionality when double tapping the ‘Use’ button when they start to shapeshift
  • Improvements for the black screen lobby bug – some users should no longer experience this error
    • A new error message will pop up if it does occur! Please write us a ticket if you see it
  • Various smaller fixes

That’s a lot of fixes! Remember to submit a ticket to our help desk if you see a new bug or want to let us know about anything impacting your ability to commit crimes do tasks!

Gotta chase down that goose,



What’s this?

Where are the new bugs?

How can we have an update if we don’t include new bugs?!

That’s right. Our team has been so hard at work, they’ve already gone ahead and squashed a bunch of lil’ bugs that you, our precious Crewmates, didn’t even get a chance to see in action! As of right now, there are zero new known bugs to let you all know about with this update. Of course, that doesn’t mean there won’t be new ones that pop up (and we’d love to hear from you all if and when you find something out of place, so be sure to send in those support tickets!), but for right now, we can all focus on what really matters – releasing a goose in Dors’ office unlocking those sweet new outfits!


I swear I still hear honking… but let’s look at some awesome community art before the goose comes back. Not to be out Fungled in our Discord, Kit’s Coral Seeker looks prepped for finding Crewmates. Safety first!

Faexinna shared how much they’ve been loving The Fungle over on Reddit with their beach piece.

Rafflesia on Twitter (X), made this wonderful animation of the lil critter demanding pizza. I totally feel the same way to be honest.

I love all the artwork y’all have been creating based of the new map! Please keep them coming and be sure to tag us across Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, and our other socials!

Off to ask Mike about that goose,


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